National Reference Centre for Brucellosis


The Ministry of Health has established the National Reference Centre for Brucellosis (CRNB) based in the main seat of IZSAM by the Decree dated 4 October 1999 (published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic no. 300 of December 23rd 1999). The National Reference Centre is in charge of:


  • Confirming the diagnosis of brucellosis performer by other laboratories, if any;
  • Standardizing the analysis methods;
  • Organizing appropriate "ring test" among Institutes;
  • Cooperating with other Community or Third Parties Reference Centres;
  • Providing specialized information and assistance to the Ministry of Health;
  • Organizing training courses for the personnel working in other veterinary epidemiology centres;
  • Informing other veterinary epidemiology centres and research centres on the news in their sector;
  • Preparing action plans;
  • Using and spreading official analysis methods;
  • Producing, procuring, holding and distributing to other veterinary epidemiology centres or other research centres the reference reagents, such as antigens, antibodies and antiserums.


The quality of the results of lab analysis is ensured by the validation of the tests by ACCREDIA, in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 standard, the use of validated test methods acknowledged on the international level and by the periodic participation into interlaboratory test circuits.

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