The activities of the NRL for Campylobacter shall be managed by the staff employed in the departments of Bacteriology and Diary Production Hygiene.



Elisabetta Di – head of the unit

Giuliano Garofolo –

Tiziana Persiani –

Alessandra Alessiani –

Katiuscia Zilli –

Silvana Salvatore –

Gabriella Di Serafino –

Francesca Marotta –

Lorena Sacchini –

Romina Romantini –

Anna Agata Janowicz –

Lisa Di Marcantonio –

Anna Leonidovna Abass -




The NRL for Campylobacter cooperates with other departments of the IZSAM, and specifically: food technology and animal feed Hygiene, Diagnostic Microbiology, COVEPI, Statistics and GIS, CSN, CED and Training.

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Other news

Call for Applications e-Learning Course in Laboratory Animal Science

The training course starting on October, 12 is organised under the HERMES - Harmonisation & Recognition of LAS education and training in MEmber States – project, funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme of which IZSAM is the lead partner.


Entomological surveillance for Rift Valley Fever in Libya

“Virtual Learning Rift Valley Fever and other Mosquito-borne arboviroses: entomological surveillance” is the title of a training course designed by IZSAM in collaboration with ERFAN, on behalf of the FAO European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD).



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