Research project on the control and management of dog populations is launched


On December the 6th2012, at the Institute's International Centre for Veterinary Training and Information"F. Gramenzi", a reunion regarding thelaunch of the "Technological systems for the control and management of dog populations" research project, was held.


This multidisciplinary project was presented by the Institute's Laboratory of Human and Animal Relationship and Animal Welfare, and recently approved by the Ministry of Health. It engages various experts,including molecular biologists, computer engineers and veterinarians. In addition to the participation of three operating units inside the Institute, the University of Bari, Modena and Reggio Emilia, collaborated to the project as well.

"Technological systems for the control and management of dog populations" aims to provide new knowledge and new approaches essential to the development of integrated solutions in the field of engineering and molecular biology for the control and management of dog populations.


The project will last 24 months and will allow for the development of innovative techniques for dog birth control, the definition of genetic profiles of a controlled dog populationthe development of an application for portable devices for the identification of dogs and, finally, the development of an artificial vision system for the automated assessment of the behaviour and welfare of the dogs in kennels.


Dr. Mehmet FatihEvrensel of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, at the Institute for a training period on animal welfare, also attended the reunion on the launch of the project.

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