ERFAN - Enhancing Research For Africa Network


ERFAN - Enhancing Research for Africa Network is an international scientific network created because of the experience gained by the IZSAM in the field of international cooperation in Africa. The ERFAN project was presented to the World Organisation for Animal Health in July 2018 for funding and it was approved in December of the same year.


In addition to Italy, 15 African countries have joined with 24 veterinary institutions, including Central Laboratories and Faculties of Veterinary Medicine.


ERFAN is a strategic platform to build fruitful collaborations for both African countries and Italian institutions, allowing a continuous and updated knowledge of animal and human health conditions in relation to the African continent.

The Italian Ministry of Health has appointed the IZSAM as lead partner of the ERFAN Network, appointing Dr Massimo Scacchia as project leader.


The Partners as following have defined the organizational structure:








Further information is available on the website

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Other news

HERMES Project Final Event

“A pilot approach towards quality in LAS Education & Training: the HERMES project outcomes” is the final event, scheduled for December, 16 2020 in the framework of the Hermes European Project coordinated by IZSAM aiming at improving the quality of training in the field of Animal Laboratory Science.


Call for Applications e-Learning Course in Laboratory Animal Science

The training course starting on October, 12 is organised under the HERMES - Harmonisation & Recognition of LAS education and training in MEmber States – project, funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme of which IZSAM is the lead partner.


Entomological surveillance for Rift Valley Fever in Libya

“Virtual Learning Rift Valley Fever and other Mosquito-borne arboviroses: entomological surveillance” is the title of a training course designed by IZSAM in collaboration with ERFAN, on behalf of the FAO European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD).



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