Meeting-Conference "human-animal relationship"

Nicola Ferri, Marko Ferrari, Vincenzo Caporale

On October the 19th 2012, as part of the XVII International Award of Cinematographers "Gianni Di Venanzo", the meeting-conference regarding "human-animal relationship" was held at the Teramo Nostra Cultural Association headquarters.

The meeting was moderated by actor Marko Ferrari and introduced by the President of Teramo Nostra, Piero Chiarini. The latter, emphasised the great value of collaboration with the G. Caporale Institute, evidencing the scientific excellence of the Organisation on a national and international level as well as its socio-economic importance throughout the territory.

Dr. Nicola Ferri focused on the role of communication in conveying information about the animal world and the human-animal-environment relationship. Undergoing an excursus on genre cinema, the representative of the G. Caporale Institute pointed out that in the past the "seventh art" had often represented the animal world in alarmist terms, e.g., the movie "Jaws", and how, today, however, there is a greater awareness and adherence to reality.

The former director of the Institute, Vincenzo Caporale, attended the meeting in his capacity as Chairman of the Venanzo Award. He began his speech with philosophical references only to conclude that the real problem in the human-animal relationship lies primarily on the country's cultural backwardness and that of its ruling class.

During the meeting a projection of "The Gift" by Paolo Sorgi and Valerio Quartapelle took place. The short film won the third G. Caporale Institute Special Prize, born in 2010 to spread awareness and understanding about the animal world through cinema.

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