Guided tour to Torre del Cerrano

The Institute's director, Rossella Lelli, with some of the attending authorities

On Wednesday, June the 6th, at 5:00pm, an interesting guided tour around the recently instituted Marine Protected Area of Torre del Cerrano took place. Amongst the attending authorities were the Commander of the Pescara Maritime Directorate, Luciano Pozzolano, the Commander of the Giulianova Maritime Directorate, Sandro Pezzuto, the Commander of the Silvi Local Maritime Office, Antonio Fusco, the President of the Marine Protected Area Management Committee, Benigno D'Orazio, the Director of Regional Tourism for Abruzzo, Mauro Di Dalmazio, the town councillor of Teramo, Francesco Marconi and the G. Caporale Institute (ICT) director, Rossella Lelli.

The director of the Marine Area, Fabio Vallarola exposed the characteristics of the protected area by passionately and authoritatively answering to attendants' questions. The latter were literally enraptured by the beautiful sea views enjoyed from the upper floors of the Tower.

Following a reconnaissance with representatives of Port Authority Corps and President Benigno D'Orazio, in the area next to the sea, the Institute's director, Rossella Lelli, highlighted the prestigious activities carried out in the Tower. With the Colleatterrato (TE) structure, the site currently hosts the headquarters of the International Centre for Veterinary Training and Information "Francesco Gramenzi" (CIFIV), ICT.

The guided tour ended with the tasting of local products offered by companies participating in the "Friends of the Park" project.

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