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2009 - Volume 45 (1) January-March
Bruce Kaplan, DVM, Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP & Thomas P. Monath, MD  
The brewing storm 9-18

An eclectic collection of papers by physicians, veterinarians and other allied health medical scientists on the One Medicine - One Health concept has been assembled in this monograph. The contributions include thirteen individual One Health papers by fifty-three participants from twelve countries. The authors joined to confront various global health threats. In addition to the participating countries, individuals from twenty-six other nations have united as supporters of the One Health initiative. Biomedical research, scientific knowledge, environmental health, public health, individual health and clinical health care will all be enhanced by implementing the One Medicine - One Health concept which promotes co-equal, cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration. The scientific coalition that evolves through this collaborative effort will significantly enhance human and animal health for future generations.

Biomedical research, Clinical care, Health, Health care, Knowledge, One Health, One Medicine, Physician, Public health, Science, Veterinarian.

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