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2009 - Volume 45 (1) January-March
Alemka Markotić, MD, PhD, Lidija Cvetko Krajinović, BSc, Josip Margaletić, PhD, Nenad Turk, DVM, PhD, Marica Miletić-Medved, MD, PhD, Ljiljana émak, MD, PhD, Mateja Janković, MD, Ivan-Christian Kurolt, BSc, Silvija äoprek, MD, Oktavija –aković Rode, MD, MSc, Zoran Milas, DVM, PhD, Ivan Puljiz, MD, PhD, Dragan Ledina, MD, MSc, Mirsada Hukić, MD, PhD & Ilija Kuzman, MD, PhD  
Zoonoses and vector-borne diseases in Croatia - a multidisciplinary approach 55-66

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases create constant and serious concerns for public health. The majority of emerging infectious diseases (EID) are wildlife zoonotic diseases and vector-borne diseases. Croatia has a long tradition in the control, management and research of EID zoonotic diseases and vector-borne diseases. There has also been a long and advantageous tradition in the collaboration of different experts and professionals in EID research in Croatia involving physician clinicians in infectious diseases, microbiologists, pathologists, veterinarians and animal scientists, ecologists, forestry experts, wildlife scientists, public health specialists and epidemiologists and laboratory scientists. The University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb established the Centre for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases in liaison with national and international partners from Europe and the United States. This Centre is working in line with the ĎOne Health initiativeí which recognises the inter-relationships between human, animal and environmental health.

Croatia, Emerging disease, Environment, Infection, One Health, Public health, Vector, Zoonosis.

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