Angola delegation visit


On October the 15th, 2012, Dr. Elvira Da Costa, from the Lubango hospital, attended a training programme on veterinary information systems and the statistical methodology at the base of the national registry and monitoring of diseases, at the Teramo G. Caporale Institute.

Dr. Da Costa was accompanied by the Honorary Consul in Angola to Lubango and Namibe, Aldo Di Clemente, by Giuseppe Di Martino and Dr. Tonino Natarelli, respectively board president and board member of the not-for-profit organisation 'Marco Di Martino'.

The delegation's visit was carried out as part of the scientific cooperation agreements signed between the Abruzzo Region and the Angolan provinces of Namibe and Huila, namely within the context of international cooperation activities carried out by the Hospital of Pescara along with the 'Marco Di Martino' not-for-profit organisation.

During the meeting, the health director of the G. Caporale Institute, Giacomo Migliorati, reiterated the importance of training aspects in cooperation activities while engaging in supporting Angolan territories by offering them all the competences and expertise of the Institute. Consistently, Dr. Massimo Scacchia, deeply knowledgeable about the African continent, presented a long excursus of the Institute's activities in Africa, namely in Namibia and Angola, including activities of diagnostic support and knowledge transfer, which allow for a better understanding of epidemiology, thus of how certain diseases occur and spread within the area.

Concluding the meeting, the G. Caporale Institute committed to provide Angola with a computer system designed to protect livestock production, from a diagnostic point of view, as well as the quality of it's derived food. The first step towards this end is the immediate training of an Angolan statistician, in Teramo and in the coming months.

The presence in the delegation of the Honorary Consul Aldo Di Clemente was also a chance to explore further collaboration opportunities with Angola.

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