VI ARNA National Conference


From 9th to 11th May of 2013, ARNA's VI National Conference entitled "Nutrition, health and well-being" took place in the new conference hall of the CIFIV (International Centre for Veterinary Training and Information) at the IZSAM in Colleatterrato, Teramo. It was organised by the "Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise" (Experimental centre for infectious diseases in animals of Abruzzo and Molise), the University of Teramo and the Nutrition and Food Researchers Association (ARNA)

This was an important occasion for the scientific community involved to share updates, researches and outcomes, as well as to gain updated knowledge on nutrition and on human and animal nutrition, in terms of the promotion of health and well-being, and of safety and quality of food.

Proceedings began with the greetings from the Scientific authorities and the touching recollection of the Professor Maria Assunta Dessì, president of the ARNA, who had recently passed away.

Among the topics analysed during the conference, one was more current   than ever, namely the assessment of the direct and indirect impact of food production on the environment. Indeed, a new concept of nutrition is emerging,   which is no longer simply connected to meeting individual energy needs but is concerned with the functional role of nutrients in terms of improvement of the body's health condition. Therefore, in this context an accurate assessment of everything about the relationship between nutrition and the environment needs to be made, with reference to the proper exploitation of natural resources.

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