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The IZSAM Serums and Vaccines Management Laboratory is a complex organization with two departments: Bacterial Vaccines, Soils and Technology and Viral Vaccines, Serums and Diagnostics. The Laboratory mission has always been the production of vaccine, diagnostic and therapeutic aids, to prevent, diagnose and treat transmittable and zoonotic animal pathologies, for both productive livestock and pets. Along the years, productions have broadened and varied to meet different customers’ needs.


Among those, the Rose Bengala single Antigen for rapid serum agglutination, the 2nd National Standard positive Serum for Brucella abortus, the Bluetongue Antibody Test Kit and the bovine PPD tuberculin, which are produced and distributed throughout the network of Veterinary Epidemiology Centres and Veterinary Services of Local Health Units, upon appointment by the Ministry of Health.

Vaccines and autogenous vaccines for the most common bacterial diseases of productive livestock and pets are prepared upon the request of the veterinaries.


The laboratory also provides services for other IZSAM departments, including:

  • The production of approximately 400 types of ready-to-use culture mediums, agar and liquids, for the diagnosis and research of microorganisms both from diagnostic samples and from food intended for humans and animals;
  • Preparation of serums, antigens and reference materials used to organize ring trials by National Reference Centre (Brucellosis, CESME), OIE Reference Laboratories (Brucellosis, Contagious Bovine Pleuro-pneumonia, Bluetongue and West Nile Fever) and by National Reference Laboratories (Lysteria, Campylobacter and Dioxins);
  • Washing and sanitizing of all IZSAM glassware;
  • Sanitizing of contaminated wastes from diagnostic activities and biological productions.


In addition to producing and providing services, the Laboratory is active in experimental and applied research to develop and validate new immunising aids, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and innovative diagnostic products to diagnose infectious animal diseases.

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