The planning activity, and the project design, is of strategic importance. Since 1990, a marked international orientation became necessary, and continues now to be indispensable, to respond to the challenges from the continuous evolution of the socio-environmental context, climate change and the progressive globalization of markets. These aspects have made a supranational approach to protecting the health of animal populations, to assessing the risk from international trade in animals and their products and, ultimately, to protecting human health essential.


From 2012 to 2017, the Institute used significant human and financial resources, outside the traditional (state and regional) channels, for cooperation projects. 162 projects were carried out, 52 of which international and 110 national, which resulted in an autonomous financing capacity of approximately 20 million euros, equally divided between the national and international spheres.


Thanks to the quality level achieved, the IZSAM is became as a credible and reliable interlocutor, and a consultant, of the Governments and Veterinary Services of most of the world. The planning is focused on developing areas; the IZSAM has been providing technical-scientific assistance for years and transferring knowledge in order to meet the international standards, to control of zoonotic diseases, improve trade in animals and derived products, to protect consumer. Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe represent the areas to which the Institute has dedicated the greatest commitment through substantial human and financial resources.

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