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The Giuseppe Caporale Institute (ICT) was founded 70 years ago in the Italian city of Teramo. The establishment is a dynamic entity that employs today about 500 professionals including veterinarians, biologists, chemists and administrative figures.

More than a third of the Institute's life has been devoted to profuse international cooperation; consisting of the mutual exchange of information and knowledge, and aiming to create cooperation networks with regard to food safety and animal welfare, as well as the monitoring of epidemiological emergencies.

The Institute's experts have hence strongly contributed to the growth of African, Mediterranean, Balkan and Latin American countries, with respect to higher consumers' health protection standards.

A balance of these international cooperation activities was presented to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Multipurpose Room - Via di Santa Maria in Via, 37/b) on Monday, November the 21st, at 05.00 pm.

Speakers included Senator Antonio Tomassini, President of the twelfth Senate Standing Committee, Hygiene and Health; Andrea Gavinelli, Head of Unit Animal Welfare, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission; Salvatore Magazzù, Head of Consumers and Food Safety Unit, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, European Commission; Faouzi Kechrid, President of the World Veterinary Association; Monique Eloit and Nikola Belev, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE); Dr. Daniela Battaglia conveyed Katinka De Balogh's greetings, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), United Nations; Vincenzo Caporale, former director of the G. Corporale Institute and current director, Rossella Lelli.

The convention is visible on streaming on the Institute's website. It was presented by the journalist Monica Maggioni and saw the participation of a large audience including important figures from international organisations and Abruzzo political institutions.

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