IZSAM and UNITE, together for the future of science in Abruzzo


Petrut is the name (which afterwards changed in Interamnia) given to the Region by the Phoenicians and refers to the new organism operating as regional point of reference of the University of Teramo (UNITE) and the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise (IZSAM) with the aim at contributing to plan the future of science in the Abruzzo Region. It gathers up and organizes the research and training activities of both the institutes within the Veterinary Public Health, the agricultural and food sector, the agricultural and medical Biotechnologies, the protection and enhancement of biodiversity of animals and plants.


Petrut looks at the European research programs, in particular those belonging to Horizon 2020 and the research and innovation plans foreseen by the European Social Fund. In effect, the organism has the objective of sharing ideas, competences and experiences in order to follow the orientations planned by the government of the Abruzzo Region and to seize the opportunity of development and growth of the territory based on the production and spread of knowledge.


Petrut was presented during a public meeting with the President of the Regional Council, Luciano D’Alfonso, held on Monday the 15th of December at 11.00 a.m. in the conference room at the International Centre for Veterinary Training and Information (CIFIV). The rector and delegate of the University of Teramo, Luciano D’Amico and Barbara Baroni, the General Director and the Scientific Director of IZSAM, Fernando Arnolfo and Giovanni Savini, as well as numerous researchers of both the institutions participated in the meeting.



23 December 2014

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