Rabies: prevention and control measures for companion animals from Ukraine

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The authorities of the countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) are checking incoming dogs and cats, and carrying out anti-rabies vaccination of those who do not have it, but without providing full guarantees of immunisation on all animals entering the country.



The European Commission, in a recent meeting with the Member States, pointed out that, given the current situation of great discomfort, it does not foresee, for the time being, that quarantine or sampling for antibodies will be carried out on pets at the points of entry into the territory of the European Union; on the contrary, they will be carried out at their destination.



Following the exceptional arrangements for the entry into the European Union of pets belonging to citizens from Ukraine (Note 5252 of 28/02/2022the Directorate-General for Animal Health and Veterinary Medicines (DGSAF) of the Ministry of Health, having heard the opinion of the  National Reference Centre for Rabies  of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, has put in place a series of  measures  to prevent and control possible health risks for refugees, companion animals and all persons present on the national territory.



The recommendations to prevent the introduction of rabies into Italy and the several procedures to be followed by owners of animals from Ukraine regarding microchip, vaccination, antibody titration and observation period were summarised in an information leaflet, also available in English and Ukrainian




Brochure in Italian


Brochures in English


Brochure in Ukrainian






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