Mosselmonitor® biological pre-alarm system


On 19 November 2013, the "Bio-monitoring of coastal marine waters subject to anthropogenic use: development and application of the biosensor Mosselmonitor®" pilot project came to an end. This had been implemented as part of the S.H.A.P.E. (Adriatic IPA 2007-2013) project by the Marine and Fishing Waters Biology Department of the IZSAM, as External Expert of the ARPA Molise.


The general aim of this one-year project was to adopt a biological pre-alarm system (Mosselmonitor®) in a critical area of the central-southern Adriatic basin, the Rospo Mare B oil drilling platform, in order to identify any critical environmental situations. The Mosselmonitor® was installed inside a specific system built inside the platform with the technical support of Edison S.P.A. operators and, with the collaboration of the Institute's Data Processing Centre, an Internet access system was developed for the real-time transfer of physical/chemical data, recorded by an on-site multi-parametric probe, and biological data, sent by the Mosselmonitor®, to a PC in the Termoli department.


The Mosselmonitor® has shown itself to be an effective early-alarm system in terms of the characteristics of the instruments and biosensors used (Mytilus galloprovincialis). The data produced by this survey have made it possible to extend our knowledge as to how mussels behave in areas of high human impact, such as oil drilling platforms. The use of the above-mentioned biological system on various platforms in the Adriatic could make possible the development of databanks useful for the integrated management of coastal areas. What is more, knowledge of the behavioural response of mussels in different populated and natural environments (ports and harbours, areas off-limits to household and industrial wastes, nature reserves) would make it possible to adopt this system in various contexts and favour the adoption of bio-monitoring plans.

Considering the results obtained, the Edison S.P.A group has expressed its interest in continuing collaboration and research activities with the IZS of Abruzzo and Molise.

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