The International Centre for Veterinary Training and Information (CIFIV) is a training structure of excellence founded to enable the circulation and exchange of knowledge with professionals from the Balkan Area, so as to provide them with decisive support for the creation and strengthening of the surveillance system in their geographical areas of origin. The Centre has the objective of improving communications between countries, harmonizing the application of EU regulations and the international standards of the OIE, and enhancing and upgrading livestock products, in order to reinforce and direct research and the transfer of the corresponding results, and thus overcome cultural and local barriers.


CIFIV was founded and exists as an international centre for training and information in food safety and animal health and wellbeing, aimed principally at the Balkan area and Eastern Europe but in any event open to Europe, for the purposes of creating communications networks, disseminating information and promoting forms of collaborative learning between experts in the sector. The physical structures of the Centre have been created using advanced technological standards which constitute an ideal environment for favouring the exchange and transfer of knowledge: the extremely high qualitative standard and great flexibility of the technology ensure effective communication and transmission of knowledge, including remote transmission (eLearning).


CIFIV is a modular structure, consisting of a main nucleus which has been built at Teramo in the Colleatterrato district, and an area with well-equipped training halls, located in the Cerrano Tower at Pineto (Province of Teramo).


The Lead Partner in the Centre is the Abruzzo Region, while the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise "G. Caporale" is the reference technical and organizational partner, given that it is a purpose-built organization operating in the Region in support of animal rearing and the monitoring of foods of animal origin.


The other partners in CIFIV are the Teramo Provincial Administration, the University of Urbino Law School, the University of Bologna School of Veterinary Medicine, the Molise Region, the Veterinary Services of the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Belgrade, the Albanian National Institute for Veterinary Research, the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sarajevo, the Institute of Biotechnology and Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Podgorica and the World Organization for Animal Health.

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