The new registry of pets

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It was presented to veterinarian freelancers the SINAC the new system of identification and registration of pets and other animal species.



SINAC is the National Pet Information System. It is located within the BDN, the National Database of the Ministry of Health that will bring together all the animal records managed by the National Service Centre (CSN) at the IZS of Teramo. It will record information concerning all pet animals in a manner defined in an operational manual by the Ministry of Health.



In the SINAC will be able to act free professional veterinarians authorized by the ASL (Local Health Authority).


The SINAC is already used by 10 Regions (Calabria, Molise, Sardinia, Sicily, Valle d'Aosta, Puglia, Liguria, Marche, Bolzano and Veneto) and four regions (Abruzzo, Lombardy, Campania, Basilicata) are in the process of migration data. The Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Umbria regions are planning migration activities; the Friuli Venezia Giulia region also decided to join the initiative.




Objectives of SINAC


  • to increase the overall governance capacity of pet animals by bringing together data, information, functionality and infrastructure components
  • managing work flows between Regions, Veterinary Services and Ministry of Health and other bodies responsible for managing stray animals and standardising operating procedures, ensuring the full autonomy of the Regions with application node
  • to develop statistical indicators for the planning of veterinary public health interventions aimed at the prevention of diseases or the control of stray animals
  • to develop statistical indicators on animal welfare
  • to provide value-added services for citizens
  • to create a unique registry, integrated with veterinary information systems ( ); 
  • it is already operational with the REV (Veterinary Electronic Prescription) and the laboratory information system (Silab)
  • to implement Decree No. 76 of 16 July 2020 (urgent measures for simplification and digital innovation)
  • to ensure multi-channel operation (pc, tablet, smartphone and App).




What freelancers can do



Through the SINAC, Freelance veterinary doctors can manage:


  • data on national veterinary structures for which they are responsible or substitutes
  • data on collaborators operating in their own structures, with indication of the type of activity (Identification, Issue prescriptions or both)
  • the purchased of microchips
  • animal registration and events (*)
  • the animal health file (visits, surgeries, pharmacological treatments, surgical operations).


(*) variable functionality depending on the region to which they belong





Management functionality



The new National Database allows to manage:


  • the registry of ownership facilities, veterinary surgeries (*) and feline colonies
  • details of owners and keepers of animals (*)
  • the storage of microchips at the ASL/Regions/Clinics/Veterinary Doctors LP with information on the distribution chain.
  • Animal History with information about the owner, keeper and location of the animal (*)
  • the registry of pet animals other than dogs, cats and ferrets (Annex 1 to Regulation 429/ 2016 Part B)
  • registry events associated with the animals (i.e. transfer of ownership, temporary custody, loss, assault, death, etc.)
  • health events (visits, surgeries, pharmacological treatments).


It also provides users with:


  • detailed reporting and/or aggregated data
  • reports on anomalies found on data
  • notifications/facilitations for entry of animals from other territory
  • statistics portal.


 (*) data shared with the REV system







 Source: La Professione Veterinaria



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