Launch of the tales and poems book "Animali... in rima!"


On the morning of the 6th June, the book by the students of classes 4a C and 4a D of the Elementary School Noè Lucidi in Teramo was launched. The book was published on the occasion of the "Istituto G. Caporale special award" from the XVII "Gianni Di Venanzo" Cinematography International Award.

"Animali... in rima!" ( rhyme!") is an easy-to-read collection of poems which has been conceived and produced by the IZSAM Institutional Department. The poems and tales are about the special relationship between children and animals.


With this initiative, which for the second year involved primary school students, the Institute and the organizers of the Di Venanzo Award are continuing their important work in raising awareness among children, to make a contribution in developing an enviromental and animal friendly culture. In fact, relationships with pets cannot only be considered as a moment of "play", rather they represent an affectively, emotionally, cognitively and ethically invaluable step in each individual's growth. Proof of this is the participation of children who, at the end of the presentation of the book, took the microphone one after the other in the school's lecture hall to read their works out to those present in a spontaneous and joyful way.


The " Istituto G. Caporale special award " is given to the best audiovisual on the human-animal relationship. It was created within the Di Venanzo Award in 2010, to disseminate awareness and knowledge about the animals through the cinema, which is still the medium par excellence.



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