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How do I know my food is safe? Best Before Date, Use By Date, Nutrition Information... What does it all mean and how should I use it when I'm buying food? Very different! Use By is about food safety. Best Before relates to food quality. It is a European Union requirement for all prepacked food to have information labels.   Understand what's best for you and your family by reading and understanding labels.



The European Union supports food safety - #EUChooseSafeFood. Announced on 7 June on the occasion of World Food Safety Day, the campaign has now officially started and will continue until October 2021.


The information they contain is a European requirement and can help you make the right daily food choice.



A lot of information on these issues is published on the official website of the campaign, and a kit of communication resources is made available that users and organizations can share within their web and social channels to support the campaign.



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The campaign in Italy



EFSA's campaign will last three years: in the first year, 6 Member States (Austria, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain) will lead the way, and then subsequently involve the other Member States through word of mouth and stakeholder engagement.


La campagna di EFSA durerà tre anni: il primo anno 6 Stati membri (Austria, Croazia, Italia, Lettonia, Polonia e Spagna) faranno da apripista, per poi successivamente coinvolgere gli altri Stati membri attraverso il passaparola e il coinvolgimento degli stakeholder.


In Italy, a country that hosts the EFSA headquarters and with a strong and deep-rooted sensitivity to food issues, the campaign will develop with a communication plan based on:



  • advertising on the main offline and online media;


  • press office activities with generalist and specialized media;


  • involvement of influencers and sector stakeholders, also thanks to interviews and expert testimonials.



 The campaign is supported by the Ministry of Health through the collaboration between:





The communication agency Among the topics covered by the campaign, Italy has chosen to investigate those relating salmonella, reading labels, allergens and food hygiene.




The press conference to present the campaign was held on Thursday 9 September, with the interventions of institutional representatives of EFSA and the Ministry of Health. The themes and objectives of the campaign will also be presented at the Food Journalism Festival, scheduled for September 24 in Turin.




Campaign communication resources




The campaign communication kit consists of the following materials, available in the national language of each member state.


  • Campaign presentation - a document provides an overview of the topic of food safety in Europe, as well as the campaign's objectives, target audience and ways to support it.


  • Infographics - with concise information on product labels, allergens and food hygiene.





Support the EFSA campaign by sharing these materials on your web and social channels, using the hashtag:










Source: EFSA; IZSVe


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