Stop cages on farms: the European Parliament asks the Commission to ban them



Stop cages on farms in Europe starting from 2027: the European Parliament ask the Commission to prohibit them.


The ruling derives from a petition promoted by many animal protection associations known as End The Cage Age.


The request to eliminate the cages had been signed by 1.4 million citizens, binding the parliament to deal with the issue.

The European Parliament voted the resolution by a large majority and this must be seen as a great victory.


A battle that the European associations fought together, managing to defeat the farmers' lobby.


Now the Commission will have to listen to parliamentary demands, putting an end to truly unacceptable farming conditions. A form of mistreatment that affects more than 300 million animals every year.


The change will not be immediate, but the parliament has asked the Commission to review the legislation on livestock farming. Also foreseeing funds to be allocated to this change of course for breeders. The radical change of the breeding conditions should also have the positive consequence of a progressive reduction in the number of animals raised.


When the ban comes into effect, it will affect chickens, rabbits and pigs.


The will expressed by a large majority by the European Parliament could be a signal of attention towards change. At a time when meat production and intensive farming are still under the center of attention; not so much for the suffering they cause to animals, but for the environmental dangers they pose.


Animal farms are recognized as being co-responsible for climate change, intensive agriculture and deforestation.


Today the European Parliament has demonstrated its support to put an end to the barbaric cage systems in animal husbandry. EU citizens, scientists, companies and now even democratic representatives want to end the dark ages of animal husbandry. It is now up to the European Commission to make these voices heard, not only to alleviate the suffering of billions of animals, but also to honor the democracy and civilization of the EU. We hope on a positive decision.


Taken from the website Eurogroup for Animals




Source: Ermanno Giudici