Conferenza sui temi della Salute, Ambiente e Società nel giugno 2022




Food systems lie at the intersection of the many critical challenges facing us today: from fighting climate change, to halting biodiversity loss to reducing waste.


Meeting such challenges requires urgent action, as set out in the objectives for a sustainable future at the heart of the UN Development Goals and the European Commission’s Green Deal. EFSA is committed to supporting these objectives in cooperation with other EU agencies, Member States and international partners.


How will risk assessment science evolve over the next years to respond to these challenges? There is growing evidence that human, animal, and environmental health are inextricably linked, which means that risk assessment science cannot limit itself to food/feed safety. It needs to take a broader perspective, to pivot towards a “one health-one environment” approach.


That is why the scientific programme of the ONE – Health, Environment, Society –Conference 2022, taking place in Brussels and online from 21-24 June 2022, will be shaped in partnership with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.


EU Member States, EFSA’s international partners and scientists will also be invited to co-develop the scientific programme.

By bringing together scientists with diverse backgrounds and expertise, the conference will be an important opportunity to share knowledge and contribute to a crucial debate, addressing key topics on the EU political agenda.


In line with the guiding principles of sustainability, the conference will be held in a hybrid format which will allow remote participation, thus ensuring broad outreach while reducing travel emissions.



Key themes and objectives


  • Examining food and feed safety from a broader perspective of sustainability.


  • Exploring possible developments in risk assessment science.


  • Reflecting on future strategic goals and directions for regulatory science.


  • Contributing to new policy targets such as the EU Green Deal and its implementing strategies.



Key dates



  • May/June 2021: opening of the call for abstracts for oral and poster presentations.


  • September 2021: deadline for submission of abstracts.


  • January 2022: opening of registration.


  • 21-24 June 2022: conference.



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