The Italian Society of Veterinary Forensic Sciences has been founded in Amalfi



Forty Founding Members, all coming from an ultra-specialized training course in the field of Veterinary Forensic Sciences and strongly motivated to grow this new branch of veterinary medicine.


“The strong and pressing request of civil society, judicial police bodies, prosecutors and courts to have competent and trained professionals in the management of crimes against animals and judicial cases involving animals, directly or indirectly, has made the rise of this new cultural association is necessary”



The vice president of the new association is Rosario Fico, head of the National Reference Center for Veterinary Forensic Medicine of the IZS Lazio and Tuscany, set up 13 years ago at the headquarters in Grosseto.


Founded in 2007 as a Specialist Unit of Forensic Medicine, in 2009 the Ministry of Health strengthened it as a National Reference Center. The work of the structure introduced the culture of Forensic Veterinary Medicine in Italy, a culture that was then extended to the University, through the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Naples, promoting training in veterinary forensic sciences.


A specialization acquired by numerous veterinarians and biologists from all over Italy, including veterinarians of the ASL, veterinarians and biologist of the IIZZSS, university professors  of veterinary pathology and anatomical science, freelance veterinarians.


The President is Prof. Orlando Paciello of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production of the Federico II University of Naples.


The aims promoted in the articles of association of the association are:


  1. to promote the improvement of knowledge and the development of technologies in the field of veterinary forensic science;
  2. to represent and protect its members, nationally and internationally, on a scientific, professional, legal and moral level, expressly excluding the performance of any direct or indirect trade union activity;
  3. to promote the scientific and professional knowhow of Members through annual training programs, including in the field of Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.), as well as through the printing of periodicals and publications;
  4. to collaborate with administrative and government bodies, local and national, and with legal and health authorities in the development of rules related to the field of Veterinary Forensic Sciences;
  5. to promote the writing of guidelines for diagnostic and management activities;
  6. to promote the coordination and development of the forensic veterinary medicine operating units at regional and national level;
  7. to promote study protocols, specific study research also in collaboration with other societies and scientific bodies;
  8. to sponsor the establishment of study groups with specific cultural interests in the sector;
  9. to promote the upgrading of teaching and assistance in the field of Veterinary Forensic Sciences;
  10. to promote the definition of quality standards and the implementation of quality control systems in the laboratories where Veterinary Forensic Sciences are practiced;
  11. to establish collaborative relationships, also at an international level, with other Federations, Societies or Associations operating in the field of Forensic Veterinary Sciences;
  12. to finance social activities only through the contributions of associates and/or public bodies as well as private entities, with the exclusion of any financing that may even abstractly constitute a direct and/or indirect conflict of interest with the principles of the association;
  13. to finance training activities and CMEs, in compliance with the criteria and limits established by the National Commission for Continuing Education.
  14. to promote the creation of associated studies of forensic veterinary doctors and other forensic science experts who must meet the requirements of the association.

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