Presentation of the "Animals, our friends" volume


On June the 20th 2012, the "Animals, our friends" volume was presented in the Aula Magna of the Teramo Noè Lucidi elementary school. The book was published within the "G. Caporale Institute - Vier Pfoten International" special prize as part of the Cinematography International Award 'Gianni Di Venanzo'.

"Animals, our friends" is a collection of drawings by the "Noè Lucidi" students who expressed their own personal relationship with animals through graphic representations as well as phrases. The students were coordinated by their teachers as part of a wider didactic project. Indeed, in 2011, cinematographers, directors and documentarians participating in the "G. Caporale Institute - Vier Pfoten International" special prize tackled the issue of "human and animal relationship": a very topical matter especially amongst younger generations. It is precisely for this reason that the G. Caporale Institute, Vier Pfoten and the Teramo Nostra cultural association, which organises the 'Di Venanzo' Award, have decided to involve the Teramo Noè Lucidi elementary school, namely pupils of the second classes.

The book was distributed to pupils and their parents at the end of the presentation press conference. Amongst the speakers were Piero Chiarini and Sandro Melarangelo of Teramo Nostra, Nicola Ferri of the G. Caporale Institute, Fabiana Cipollini and Costantino Di Ferdinando of the Noè Lucidi elementary school and Teramo city Councillor to Education and related services to the right to study, Piero Romanelli.

The volume was conce ived and developed by the Communication department of the Institute in a bilingual version (italian/english). It embodies the importance of disseminating good practices and transfer ring knowledge on the relationship between man, animal and environment, health and safety, prevention of stray dogs, promotion of healthy and responsible food culture, to those who since the ir early childhood nurture a passion for wildlife and who in the future will build on this unforgettable experience.

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