Namibian visit for OIE Twinning on Food Safety


On May the 4th, 2012, as part of the   World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Twinning on food safety, doctors Gottlieb Aikukutu, Esther Mukete and Renatus Peter Shilangale of the Namibian Central Veterinary Laboratory arrived at the Institute.


Doctors Aikukutu and Shilangale are attending the departments of "Bacteriology and Hygiene of dairy productions" and "Hygiene in food and animal feed technology ". They will remain at the Institute until June the 23rd.


Doctor Mukete, on the other hand, is undergoing her training period on toxicology and residue analysis, ending on June the 30th, at the "Bromatology and residues in food and feed" department.


Within the same 2-year (February 2011 - February 2013) OIE Twinning on food safety framework, from May the 30th to June the 6th, the Institute further received Adrianatus Florentius Maseke, director of the Namibian Windhoek Central Veterinary Laboratory. On this occasion, matters of scientific collaboration were discussed with doctor Maseke; as both laboratories have been carrying out such activities for almost two decades.   The Twinning aims to enhance the knowledge and technical skills of the Namibian personnel in order to satisfy local demand and provide assistance to other neighbouring countries. It also aspires to allow CVL to become a Reference Laboratory for food safety and an OIE Collaborating Centre, consequently.
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