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CALLISTO - Companion Animals multisectoriaL interprofessionaL Interdisciplinary Strategic Think tank On zoonoses - presents the website.

CALLISTO is an international research project financed by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and implemented by an international consortium of research institutes, universities and veterinary associations. This project aims at providing an overview of the current situation, with regard to the role of companion animals as a source of infectious diseases for people and livestock. During a three years cycle, CALLISTO will identify knowledge and technology gaps for the most important zoonoses associated with keeping companion animals, and it will propose targeted actions to prevent and reduce the health risks for both humans and livestock.

Nine project partners, led by the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), cooperated in developing the CALLISTO website, which is considered the gateway to the scientific research developed within the project, as well as the main axis of the CALLISTO communication and dissemination strategy. CALLISTO communication activities aim at contributing to the uptake of the knowledge gained throughout the project, and at promoting risk-awareness in healthy and balanced human/animal relationships.

This website is the core of the project outcomes for both internal and external purposes. Specifically, the website informs relevant stakeholders about the outcome of CALLISTO conferences and expert group meetings, it promotes awareness on objectives and activities of the think tank in order to increase general public awareness of the impact of companion animal zoonoses, and to obtain the support of political stakeholders in combating zoonosis outbreaks and diffusion at a European and National level.

This website is dedicated to the interactions between CALLISTO and the outside world, promoting effective and durable uptake of the output of CALLISTO conferences, beyond the organisations directly involved in the network. CALLISTO engages the outside world in developing the expert opinions and recommendations, having direct links with a wider audience of stakeholders: organisations of pet owners, pet traders and transporters, farmers, animal welfare organisations, national and international public health authorities, experts on epidemiology, sociology and welfare of companion animals.

To this end, promotes a continuous exchange of information with main stakeholders and general public, using interactive spaces for discussion, such as blog and web conferences, and offering project documents, videos, scientific literature and other relevant documentation. The website will be constantly updated, according to CALLISTO progresses with respect to scientific research, and proposing targeted actions to reduce the risk of infectious diseases associated with keeping companion animals.

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