National Reference Centre for Foreign Diseases of Animals


The National Reference Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases (CESME) was officially established at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise, in Teramo by the Ministerial Decree (DM) of the2nd May 1991. In accordance to its competences, defined by the DM of the2nd May 1991 and the DM of the4th October 1999, the Centre defines its objectives and plans the specific activities.


In particular CESME is responsible for:

  • the development and dissemination of standardized diagnostic assays to the national laboratories and the continuous monitoring of their diagnostic capabilities;
  • the production, storage and distribution of diagnostic reagents;
  • the typing of isolates and their proper storage;
  • the development of new diagnostic methods;
  • the training of personnel in diagnostic and epidemiological fields;
  • establishing collaborations with international diagnostic Centres;
  • performing laboratory diagnosis using traditional and molecular techniques;
  • the coordination of entomological activities, particularly focused on vector borne pathogens;
  • developing surveillance plans and preparing operating procedures;
  • the participation to national and international projects in the field of foreign animal diseases;
  • the management of epidemic emergencies following the outbreak of any exotic disease and providing technical and scientific support for epidemiological investigations and diagnosis.


CESME provides its scientific advice to International organizations such as OIE, FAO and WHO, to the veterinary services of the Ministry of Health both at central and local levels, to other IIZZSS and to other institutions and Organizations.

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Other news

Erasmus + project "LEarning GenOmics for food safety"

The Kick off meeting of the Erasmus+ funded project "LEarning GenOmics for food safety" (LEGO), aiming at defining a new professional profile called Food Microbial Bioinformatician, was held in Teramo on January 22 and 23. IZSAM leads the Consortium, composed of universities, research centres and private companies from 4 different European countries.


Training on epidemiological methods and risk analysis

The Istituto started some training programmes for the researchers of the Epidemiology Department of the Hacettepe University Institute of Public Health in Turkey and the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Zimbabwe.


The IZSAM in Tunisia

The Istituto participated in the first international congress of the National University of Veterinary Medicine in Sidi Thabet, which held in Tunis on 23 and 24 March, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries of the North African Country



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