The Istituto G. Caporale in IMETI 2009, Florida


The Istituto G. Caporale has attended the "2nd International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation: IMETI 2009"

held in Orlando, Florida (USA) July 10-13.

In the "Medical Engineering, Bio-Engineering and Computer Engineering" section, Dr. Walter Di Donato of  "Centro Servizi Nazionale - Anagrafe Zootecnica" of the Istituto G. Caporale has presented the paper "Animal Welfare Monitoring and Livestock Traceability During Transport", an experimental project aimed at establish an effective navigation system in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1/2005 concerning animal welfare during transport.

The prototype realized during the project consists of both hardware and software components. An On Board Unit is installed at truck level. It collects and transmits real-time information of the animal transport to a remote receiver database. A WEB-GIS application is used to analyze and monitor the received information. The hardware and software architecture of the project is presented, focusing on the features of the WEB-GIS application.


The other authors of the paper are Adriano Di Pasquale, Enzo Isocrono, Luigi Possenti, Cesare Di Francesco of the Istituto G. Caporale; Gianluca Fiore, Johann Hofherr, Fabrizio Natale, Fausto Bonavitacola of Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen Joint Research Center European Commision.



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