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Villaggio La Brocchi, Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
Villaggio La Brocchi, Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)

On November the 22nd, 2011, in the picturesque La Brocchi Village of Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), the G. Caporale Institute - in collaboration with the Department of Prevention of the Veterinary Sector of the Florence Health Authority, and the Civil Protection of the Mugello Mountain Community - organised a seminar on the "Management of natural disasters and the specificity of the intervention in the veterinary field".

All local government agencies and organisations committed to enhance regional Civil Protection participated to the event. The seminar aimed to strengthen the competences and extend the knowledge of all the veterinary public health operators concerned with the mitigation of the territorial level of seismic risk. The objective is to ensure timeliness and appropriateness of intervention, on emergencies jeopardising food safety and animal health and welfare. Such aspects are in fact severely compromised in the event of natural disasters.

The Institute's experts contributed by exposing operational models and relevant results obtained during the coordination of veterinary activities carried out throughout the seismic emergency of Aquila. Speakers stressed the necessity for a systematic planning of targeted actions, to face the effects of the disasters in an integrated manner and rapidly restore pre-existing conditions, while ensuring sustainability. Moreover, critical importance was also given to the use of the most effective and innovative operational models and technological tools, which have already been experimented at local, regional and national levels.

Participants agreed on the necessity to integrate the sector's professional competences with the ability of gathering information, share and elaborate data, define protocols and operative instructions. Such aspects are, in fact, considered to be essential tools to ensure the optimisation of actions in favour of citizens and avoid overlaps and delays. In other words: care for pre-emptively identifiable needs; update, test and redefine the various intervention models through field exercises; promote specific training schemes enriched by meetings with experts coming from areas that have been previously affected by severe natural disasters.

Amongst the most interesting proposals, it is worth mentioning the establishment of a Master's degree in the management of non-epidemic emergencies of veterinary relevance, and the creation of an interregional coordination network, aiming to strengthen the operative capabilities of all subjects interested in the consolidation of the Veterinary Public Health role within National Civil Protection.

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