OIE twinning visit to Institute by CENSA researchers


March 2010

Four Cuban researchers from the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA) will be visiting the Institute from 22 March to 30 April 2010 for OIE twinning activities with Cuba. They will be involved in different activities during their six-week stay.


Evelin Lobo Rivero and biologist Yaima Bugher Pulgaron are visiting the Foodstuffs of Animal Origin Laboratory and the Transmissible Animal Disease Diagnosis Laboratory.


Ernesto Vega Cañizares is studying aspects relating to the surveillance and control of animal well-being on farms, during transport, at the slaughterhouse and during epidemic emergencies; the research activities and strategies of the Institute acting in the capacity of OIE Cooperation Centre for Animal Well-being; municipal pound medicine and a study of the behaviour of caged animals; canine aggression, stray dog and cat population control; practical activities and the theoretical bases of the EU legislation governing laboratory animals.


Arturo C. Escobar Medina, head of the Residues and Contaminants Analysis Unit of the Chemistry and Pharmacy Group, will mainly be visiting the "Bromatology and Residues in Human and Animal Food" unit to study aspects such as analysis of mycotoxins and residues in veterinary drugs, heavy metals and food additives, quality insurance and control, and poisoning of wild animals.

Greeting by Prof. Caporale and Dr Lelli

Greeting by Prof. Caporale and Dr Lelli

Group photo

Group photo

Researchers being introduced to Prof. Caporale

Researchers being introduced to Prof. Caporale

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