The National Residual Plan (PNR) 2019 has been published


The National Residual Plan (PNR) is a surveillance plan designed to reveal or to verify the use of banned substances, the abusive administration of authorized substances, the compliance of residues of veterinary medicines with maximum residue limits (MRLs) and maximum amounts of environmental contaminants set by national and Community legislation. This activity is one of the veterinary indicators of the Essential Assistance Levels for the certification of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.


It is the result of the collaboration between Regional Assessors, Veterinary Services (SV), Regional Operating Surveillance Units (N.O.R.V.) and the Istituti Zooprofilattici Sperimentali (II.ZZ.SS.).


The Ministry of Health, in accordance with Legislative Decree 158/2006, coordinates the activities of the central and regional departments responsible for monitoring the various residues, annually updates the Plan and reports the results to the European Commission every six months.


With regard to the 2019 National Residual Plan, substantial changes will be made in the near future, caused both by the imminent change in data collection requested by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the European Commission and by the evolution of the Community rules that underlie the activities of the Plan.


The change in data collection, according to the new SSD2 standard format envisaged by EFSA, will entail a new working approach already in the planning of the activities for 2019 and in the reporting of the results for 2018.

This new approach will allow in particular to obtain a more detailed and punctual detail both for the sampling data and for the analytical data, together with the information on the actions resulting from the findings of non-compliance, in order to correct the critical issues present in the current information system.


With the modification of the data acquisition methods, in 2018 a mismatch can be found between the reporting of the activities (in particular regarding the number of samples taken and analyzed) and the current reporting, based on the reporting of the NSIS system / PNR, used by the Ministry of health since 2008 and to be discontinued from 2018. To all this are added the new features provided for by the publication of Regulation 625/2017 on official controls, which replaces Regulation 882/2004 and repealing the provisions of Directive 96/23 / EC and its annexes from 14 December 2019 to 14 December 2022, which will allow to define new procedures and measures on how to draw the activities of future Plans, on the basis of a new risk-based approach.





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